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New!  Option Wizards®:  Real life success stories from the financial markets
You've heard it many times:  "Nine out of 10 stock, futures and options traders lose their money.” For many, it is enough to dissuade. A few press ahead.  A few turn the old saw on its head thusly: ‘one out of ten succeeds’ ---- and then immerse themselves in the business of finding out why.  Here are the winners, the why and the how.  Compendium of Option Wizard® trade press how to, success features (Sheridan (widely known options mentor), Harvey, Ladd, Urrutia, Sizemore) and more.  More info.  $25 Amazon (full color), ($14.95 b&w), direct from Option Wizard® or buy the hard copy from Amazon. or convenient pdf download ($9.99) direct from
the Option Wizard® store.

New!   MARKET MENTORS Publication May, 2012.  Surveys the burgeoning field of market mentors, their methods, strategies, and what their students say. This is a must read before you plunk down your hard-won cash. This new cottage industry has been taken up by brokers, small companies and one-man shops. Emphasis on options education, which started some 20 years ago, gained widespread interest some 10 years ago, and grown steadily since then. This new book surveyed the field initially several years ago, and then again in 2012, to catalog changes. The consummation of hundreds of hours of research, MARKET MENTORS covers some 21 programs whose fees range from free to $25,000, from major brokers and institutions, to one man shops, and all points in between. Conclusions? As with other professions, there is a vast range of approach from mentor to mentor. While a newcomer to markets and options can benefit from mentoring, the author recommends: study the field, then ask questions. And then be prepared for hard work, lots of it. Trading is not an easy way to earn money, those who tell you it is should have one mark against them from the outset. This book will put you way ahead of the curve, and save costly errors. More info.  Buy direct ($23.95, includes shipping) from publisher now or Amazon or Kindle ($25.05). 

BEST DEAL  Buy both, Option Wizards®:  real life success stories from the financial markets, and MARKET MENTORS, $29.95 in the store.  Special publisher price, includes shipping. Buy now

New. Option Wizard® Simplified Options Strategy (SOS) Backtester

I like this new software.  Has some real trading applicability.  Easy to use, lightning fast.  Since markets cycle and things change, I especially like the customizability of the time frame studied.  Good addition to the toolbox of the delta neutral or directional trader.

Dan Harvey

20 year veteran of successful options trading
Called "supertrader of index condors" by SFO magazine, and
Instructor, Sheridan Options Mentoring

Featured in July 2011 TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine. Say you're interested to initiate a condor or calendar or butterfly on, let's say, the RUT (Russell 2000), but you'd really like to know how many times it has moved more than, say, 6%, in say, 20 days, over the last 5 years.  And how does that compare to the SPX or SPY --- or the DIA, or QQQQs?  Which trade might be best -- in terms of "variance?"  Now, you can find out in seconds via the new Option Wizard® Simplified Options Strategy (SOS) Backtester. Two clicks, fast answers.  Via the (still amazing) power of Ms. Excel powered by Visual Basic. Try it here....

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Option Wizard® Online (for Microsoft Excel®)
The original, comprehensive options analytics in Excel: HVs, IVs, price data, fundamentals, stock, futures, options one-click updates, trade records, probability graphs, covered write analysis, Black Model (futures), options chains, includes:  Backtest Wizard™, technical analysis, 20+ worksheets. 
Still provides you some important insights the brokerage analytics don't, especially in terms of time and price decay, clients say.  More....

Option Wizard® Trading Method
The classic.  An options approached based on directional trading, recently updated, expanded, publication. Buy from us (save) or Amazon if you prefer. More...

Backtest Wizard™
Use Microsoft Excel to help find price-volume breakouts, make buy-sell decisions.  Employs Force Index price-volume indicator, logs results on board.  Also includes, stochastics, moving averages, relative strength, rate of change, ADX.  Customizable, on request.  Use Excel goal seek to optimize results.  Push Excel to the max, make better, more objective decisions.  Many employ profitably as a second opinion.  More...

Scan Wizard™
Finds breakout trend change first!  Same price-volume algorithm as Backtest Wizard but for entire lists of stocks. Optimizes trading signals, targets, stops, for each individual stock in your list, logs track record onboard.  Buy?  Sell?  Scan Wizard™ provides superb, objective second opinion.  Rewritten in 2006 for .Net and XP, stable, powerful, fast.  More...

Option Wizard® Best of the Options Bloggers

Some of the bloggers we feature provide options mentoring.  Interested?  Not long ago we undertook an exhaustive study of the 20 or some entrants in the field.  Want some insights?  Register and request in the comment box.  We'll get in touch.  Some more options blogs here....

Extraordinary Comebacks: 201 Inspiring Stories of Courage, Triumph, and Success
Making a comeback?  Know someone who is?  If we learn by example, these are the lives to live by, one reviewer said.  Financial comebacks from the likes of Market Wizard Mark Cook, George Soros, Chris Gardner, and Donald Trump, plus businessmen Jim Clark, Wally "Famous" Amos, Bill Gates, Lee Iacocca, Steve Jobs, Ray Kroc, Ted Turner and many more.  "Amazing compilation," say Ken Dychtwald, best-selling author, The Power Years, and CEO, Age Wave.  New nonfiction by the creator of Option Wizard® products, and Scan Wizard™.  Terrific gift. More...


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