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Option Wizard Online is the trading edge you need:

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Options Chains -- all calls and puts

Implied Volatility

Historical Volatilities: 20, 50, 100 and 200 day reference -- user definable
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Scan-sort universe of all stocks for unusual volatility
possible over or under priced options
IV / HV (weekly basis)
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Delta, Gamma, Vega, Rho, Theta

Percent to Double
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Probability of Success
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Covered Call Returns
Fair value and 110 price-time variant table
premium decay by table and chart
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Position profit by table and chart

 Strike, spread tables, next 36 expiration dates (stocks)
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Your stock or spread position for any combination of calls and puts

Taps into the awesome power of Microsoft Excel® to customize, chart, link, copy, print -- as you wish! No hard-wired black box!
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Last Sale 52 Week High
Net Change 52 Week Low
Exchange Volatility
Time of Last Sale Ex-Dividend Date
Size of Last Sale Dividend Amount
Bid Dividend Frequency
Ask Earnings per Share
Size of Bid & Ask P/E Ratio
Open Yield
High Shares Outstanding
Low Market Capitalization
Volume Percent Change
Previous Close Earnings
 Option Wizard is simply:
the most power for the least cost.
The most intuitive, easiest to use, easiest to trade.

Not just among the lowest-priced, but absolutely the easiest and quickest to demo, purchase and use -- and ultimately your best value among options products. Option Wizard is the one written by a trader for traders. Please read on, and see why some users of OptionStation and OptionVue IV prefer Option Wizard, and one user calls it "poetry for Excel".

Designed to help you earn more money, Option Wizard is a Microsoft Excel Black-Scholes (or Black for futures) options workbook for PC or Macintosh. It calculates your volatilities, in-the-money probabilities, percent-to-double, delta and premium decay, plus fundamentals and key price data.

"Though many trade opportunities are on the long side of the market, premium time decay reminds the options trader that, in many cases, options can be sold, profitably as well," says Option Wizard developer John A. Sarkett.

Do the statistics support this two-sided view of the market? Yes. Economists at the Options Clearing Corporation estimate that 30% - 33% of stock and index options expire worthless, and perhaps as much as another 20% - 33% are offset at a loss."

The remainder? OCC staff says some 12%-15% are exercised, and 55% are offset by closing sale (this includes the 20% to 33% offset at a loss). These figures can vary widely month to month and security to security, they say.

Decay at a tables, and . . .

. . . in call and put decay charts.


Option Wizard calculates historical and implied volatilities for any single stock and references HVs for all stocks and indices. Compare implied with historical to determine if the option is over, under or fairly priced


Compare (customizable) HV moving averages to find trade opportunities
(20-50-100 day volatilities shown here). Linked to Backtest Wizard -- historicals download with one click.

Option Wizard also prices puts, the sale of which can be a cost effective way of acquiring stock. "Percent to double" comparisons are easy to spot and highlight with a touch of your mouse, as well (e.g., red boldface in the table), and are calculated by the click of a button:

To trade, to make money, Option Wizard® helps you in the following ways then:

1. Premium decay table and charts. Since 2 of 3 options expire worthless or at a loss, Option Wizard reinforces the perspective to be a patient seller or nimble buyer.

2. Implied vs. historical volatility. Is your option cheap or expensive compared to its history? Option Wizard tells you.

3. In the money probability .... helps you put the odds in your favor. You do not have to act when odds are 50-50; Option Wizard will show you times when your opportunity for success is 3 of 4.

4. Spread and position tables suggest how you may control risk, limit losses vs. the unlimited loss in naked options.

5. Delta -- the higher the delta, the more your option mirrors the move in your underlying.

6. Percent to double. Option Wizard measures how much your underlying must move to make your option move. Another bang for the buck measure like delta.

Option Wizard Online and Option Wizard (Offline) 7.3 includes:



As a web-based product, Option Wizard is priced significantly lower than competitive products, yet offers

Option Wizard is the smart choice; please download the file, check the others as well, and decide for yourself.

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Summarizing, Option Wizard gives you the edge you need to trade successfully. It provides complete options and fundamental analysis. (Backtest Wizard contributes innovative, customizable technical analysis.)

By presenting the data in a decay table, Option Wizard has a point of view. The Option Wizard decay table reminds you that options lose value over time, so, all other things being equal: on the buy side, be nimble; on the sell side, be patient.

If you are new to options, or even if you are not, but you invest in continuing education, like a doctor, or businessman, the new Option Wizard Trading Method provides you with a graduate education in options in just 70 concise, illustrated, street-smart pages.

We leave you with a favorite quote and an unscientific media-market study, from the mid-1990s, a bit dated, but while the dates change, the patterns stay the same. Both say: find your own way, trust your own way, discount the advice (both well-meaning and self-serving) you will receive on your way.

Meeting a Zen master on the road,

Face him neither with words nor silence.

Give him an uppercut,

And you will be called one who understands Zen.

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Prior to buying or selling an option, a person must receive a copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options. Copies of this document are available from your broker or the Chicago Board Options Exchange, 400 S. LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60605.

The OCC Prospectus contains information on options issued by The Options Clearing Corporation. Copies of this document are available from The Options Clearing Corporation, 440 S. LaSalle Street, 24th Floor, Chicago, IL 60605 or the Chicago Board Options Exchange, 400 S. LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60605.

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