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Just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying using Option Wizard. I have trialed both Option Vue 5 and AIQ Option Expert and I found Option Wizard to be the superior product. When price is factored in then Option Wizard becomes a steal! This program gives me the tools to make educated decisions about options I've chosen on an underlying of my choice. What it doesn't do is try to make decisions or choose positions for me. In addition, your technical support and associated publications are excellent. I have read Option Wizard Trading Method 3 times. All-in-all you've got a wonderful product. Grand Rapids

Works like a champ. I've been backtesting away. I'm really enjoying the product and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting serious about options. Atlanta

After the Option Wizard Online 2000 free trial, we immediately packed up our OptionStation trial and sent it back. Option Wizard is intuitive . . . I have gotten more information, more easily from this product than any other to date. Chicago

I tested the DDE-enabled 2000 trial version with mytrack. DYN-O-MITE to quote someone familiar. Really love it. So much more than the original, and no more hand entry. I'm excited! CA

I really like the new 2000 version -- you have programmed out all my frustrations. CA

Great job on Option Wizard Online 2000. I especially like the put/call decay chart. A great visual reminder of the importance of strike selection. You certainly get an A++ for customer support -- support is 90% of any product. Georgia

Option Wizard is poetry for Excel. Broker, St. Louis

Sophisticated and elegant. We write a lot of spreadsheets for our own use, this is outstanding. Investment firm, Seattle

Option Wizard is extremely flexible. I'm no programmer, but within a few hours I was creating my own account updates, trading scenarios, and profit profiles, all based on the inputs from Option Wizard. Now it has become the center or all my trading activity, and I can't imagine making a move without it. Atlanta

Option Wizard helped me earn $6,000 in one week trading Microsoft options.  Toronto

Love the one click functionality. New Jersey

Your Option Wizard Pricing Model has really, really, really been helpful ! It has helped me identify expensive options, and helped put some MUCH NEEDED discipline into my investment decisions. Again, you have provided a much needed tool. Mississippi

Just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with Option Wizard and Option Wizard's quick/direct tech help. In the last 7 years, I have been exposed to a lot of option software products, and Option Wizard is the only program that is a simple/straight forward powerful tool. VP Salomon Smith Barney, Chicago suburbs

Right off the bat its the simplicity of use that makes it more useful. OptionStation and OptionVue IV are dauntingly complex programs to understand and implement (I have TradeStation too). I presently use end of day data not realtime. So basically, the beauty of OptionWizard is it's simplicity and ease of use. It makes a complicated subject (options) uncomplicated, and that's what I really need. Thanks again. New York.

I first came across Option Wizard through Wade Cooks Wealth Information Network (WIN). I was new to trading and did everything I could to learn as much as I could about stocks and options. For me, options proved to be a very difficult subject to learn. Not to drop names, but I have a closet full of high priced option software from a number of well known option software vendors that is gathering dust because I have found them to be too intimidating. What good is having all this high priced software if you don't really know what you're doing. I've attended seminars on options and still found my understanding of options lacking. It wasn't until I clicked on the research area of WIN and came across the "Option Wizard" software and began working with it that my understanding of how options worked crystallized. It was so good that I purchased my own copy of the full version. To this day I still don't use the high priced option software, but rely instead on Option Wizard. And that's a fact! New York

I am sorry I will unable to attend the seminar in CA. Please continue to notify in the future. I have had good success with Option Wizard in determining probabilities for various credit spreads. Tennessee

Thank you for your very responsive attitude to your customers. We don't get this kind of help from most business today. I hope this program makes you RICH because it will surely help us become RICH. Compared to other programs we have reviewed, this appears to be the most user friendly and useful tool I've seen. Thanks again for all your EFFORTS. Nevada

I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the tutorial session that we had on the Option Wizard. While I agree that one could follow the manual to pick this up, I also got some information and advice the manual did not have and believe me, it was well worth my time to converse with you . Option Wizard is an excellent tool for the option player. No market player should be without it. California

I have only been using the Option Wizard for a short time, but I am very pleased with its ease of use. I tried OptionStation and it was so complex (AND expensive) that I decided not to purchase it. Option Wizard is very affordable. This tool has helped me to make better decisions about when to buy, at what price, and when to sell. It has already paid for itself. Chicago

I am off to a blazing start. As "luck" plays its strange twist, the first company I purchased a call option on 4 days ago is being acquired by another company. At least I now know 2 things with the use of your program. 1) I paid too much for the option, 2) I know the price to sell, or at least a clue. Your program brings me further into the age of enlightenment. Denver

As a new trader, it has helped to visualize how time decay affects my trade selections. Simple to use, no complicated data-entry, computation and APIs, etc. Great work. IBM network systems consultant, Atlanta

I have truly been impressed with the combined Power and Simplicity it provides. It does not take a Ph.D. in math to be able to use and understand the info. which is great for the average trader. It has also forced a discipline into my trading activities. I now know if the option is priced fairly... Mississippi

I am really sorry that I did not buy the Option Wizard earlier for sure I would have saved a great deal of money and time. Having the Wizard to track my options and compute value so quickly is truly a major help. The service was great also. Florida

It has already paid for itself. Washington

I formerly did my option work using a leading real time stock program, but it is very slow as there are not cut and paste features.Yours is the first product I have seen that does not cost the first years trading profits. Good work! Peachtree City, GA

One good looking product. Thanks for the great support to get me up and running. San Antonio, Texas

Outstanding product and support! Option Wizard compares favorably with another option program we have that sells for $695. I think this is something that accountants are going to want. Hope you get the word out. Accountant, Maryland

The Option Wizard works fine, and I have modified it somewhat to suit my special needs . . . Singapore

Thanks for e-mailing Option Wizard . . . It works great! And, since its an Excel file, I use it with Interquote (they use an Excel compatible spreadsheet) for real-time option valuation. New Jersey

This has taught me quite a bit about options - especially in evaluating changes in option value over time with expected price movement. Colorado

We write covered calls and I can say the decay rate that the Option Wizard returns is very close to what actually occurs in the markets. Texas

Option Wizard works great. I have 7 pages tied together in a Quattro book and update the OEX option data from a Data Transmission Network (DTN) satellite feed. I use a macro command to calculate an average implied volatility for the 7 puts which are equally above and below the strike price. I do the same for the calls. I then look for options which are priced out of line. I was fortunate enough to pick up some Herbalife Mar 15 Calls (HQRCC) at 1 7/8 which was at 10 9/16 Fri. New Mexico

Very convenient to print out and take with. California


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