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Option Wizard Trading Method
Our 75 page e-publication, 30 case histories, 21 rules that answer the question: "How do I make money in options?"

"The Option Wizard Trading Method presents a series of common-sense rules for trading -- from analysis methods to the proper considerations for purchasing or selling options.

"These, coupled with a risk management system, should provide an excellent approach to trading options."

Lawrence G. McMillan
leading options analyst, author



"My experience from many years in the business: the options sellers do better than the options buyers.

"Option Wizard software and the publication Option Wizard Trading Method magnifies the sell-side possibilities with its price-time decay table and mindset to "not neglect the short side." Entertaining, meaty read. "

Jay Shartsis
Director, Option Trading, Lafferty & Co. Options Brokers, New York
Options Columnist, Barrons


"Valuable insights and options lore no trader should be without. Explains how to profit when the product 'never stops dancing.' Very readable, too."

Jerry Kopf

principal, Benjamin & Jerold Stock & Options Discount Brokers, Chicago, Former CBOE market maker and publisher, The Blue Page (options newsletter)

More comments from top options pros. Table of contents.


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Why Great Traders Go Bad
Technical Analysis of
Stocks and Commodities

Insights from trading coach Ray Kelly and Turtle Trader Jerry Parker.

By Option Wizard developer John A. Sarkett.

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"Hidden Value Strategies"

"Top 10 Options Mistakes"
Futures magazine by Option Wizard developer
John A. Sarkett.


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Technical Analysis of
Stocks and Commodities

"Setting it up is painless."

"...impressed with the features"

"Many features are unique, for just one example, the price-time variant options price table."

"Simplicity and customizability"


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