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NEWS RELEASES (in Adobe Acrobat format)


from 2005 to current:  see our features page


03.15.04    eSignal certifies Option WizardŽ Scan


2002-2003 Devoted to new product development:  creation, testing of Option WizardŽ Scan



07.09.01 Scan Wizard Version 2 offers optimization, money management features

02.01.01 Scan Wizard Offers Free Adware Version (Note: This version has since been discontinued.)

01.01.01 Scan Wizard Offers Real Time


10.02.00 Introducing Scan Wizard

07.03.00 Option Wizard Online Employs Microsoft’s Merlin as Presenter

06.01.00 Option Wizard Online Links to CBOE $7 RT

02.15.00 Option Wizard Online 2000 Adds New One-Click Watch List for Stocks, Options

02.01.00 Option Wizard™ Online 2000 adds one-click functions, free trial

01.17.00 Option Wizard Online Revamps Online Store


11.19.99 Option Wizard Online Offers DDE Version for eSignal, myTrack, PC Quote 6.0,

10.01.99 Option Wizard Online Futures Powered by PC Quote

09.17.99 Option Wizard Online Adds New One Click Functions

07.30.99 Backtest Wizard™ 3.1 Technical Indicators ROC, RSI, and DMI

07.15.99 New Backtest Wizard™ 3.0 downloads, analyzes stock historicals, volatilities

05.03.99 New Option Wizard™ Online Powered By Stock and Options Data from PC Quote


09.22.98 New Option Wizard® 7.3 Features PositionProfit Table, Chart

03.17.98 Enhanced Option Wizard® Steps Up to Version 7.2; Company Publishes Option Wizard Trading Method


12.01.97 Option Wizard™ releases new instant-access version 7.1

07.01.97 Option Wizard™ releases version 7.0

01.24.97 Option Wizard™ ships enhanced version 6.0


01.05.96 Option Wizard™ for PC



Option Wizard Publications, Trade Press:
"Looking Out Over a Sea of Options:  Whose Boat Will They Float? April 2004 SFO
Reader’s Choice Award, 2004, TASC
"Hidden Value Strategies" July 2000 Futures
Option Wizard Review April 2000 TASC*
"How Great Traders Go Bad" July 1999 TASC
Reader’s Choice Award, December 1998, TASC
"Top 10 Options Mistakes" August 1998 Futures
Option Wizard Trading Method, March 1998
Option Wizard Review March 1998 TASC
"Time and Options Probabilities" December 1997
"The Force Index" April 1995 TASC

*Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities


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