Stocks trade sideways 70% of the time; 30% of the time, they trend.

The change from sideways to trend is opportunity for the trader and investor.

Capture the change -- generate major profits.

The PowerBreakOut! TradeStation set of 10 strategies and analysis techniques identifies the change . . .

Alerts you to major change in price and volume action.

Simple. Powerful. Profitable. Customizable, of course.

From Sarkett & Associates, Inc., a TradeStation Open Platform Developer.

To get your copy, please visit the store. Scroll to the bottom of the list to find the PowerBreakOut! TradeStation indicator. We look forward to having you as a client.

CAPTION. The ticker symbols change, and the circumstances to each change, but the patterns remain the same. In December, 1998, after days of pounding from the Dept. of Justice, and a consequent tumble in the stock price, market sentiment changed. Price and volume turned up; the rebound was significant.

See our feature for more examples: The Force Index.


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