News! Scan Wizard review in the
December 2000 Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine.

How do you find the stocks that are starting to make a major move -- before the move is over?

Before they are the "buzz" on financial TV and the smart money has already made its move?

The answer: Scan Wizard.

Scan Wizard finds these stocks.

It measures for change in Force Index and Triple Filter in your ticker list or ours or in multiple lists. (We provide the S&P 500, Internet 100 and Dow Jones 30 for starters.) It does the same for any single ticker symbol.

Thoroughly conceived as a next generation Internet product, one that will complement and work well with you existing software, Scan Wizard

  • finds breakout trend change
  • in Force Index (price-volume technical indicator)
  • in Triple Filter
    ( to Force Index change, adds uptrend, and not overbought filters to buy signal)
    ( to Force Index change, adds downtrend, and not oversold filters to sell short signal)
  • scans data from Internet servers (you don’t maintain data files on your drive)
  • scans any ticker list or ticker symbol for buy-sells signals
  • features one-click functionality to make it simple and easy to use
  • charts
  • finds the news
  • does one thing, and does it well, better than any other product on the market
  • and finally, is very reasonably priced.

Next step:

We invite you to take our free trial. Read the six page manual (purposefully kept short.)

If you like the simplicity and power of this tool, visit our online store.

Purchase Scan Wizard outright ($995) or subscribe monthly ($99.95).

With easy, one-click functionality, you will scan for stocks on the move, changing trend, and the news that is moving them.


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