Becoming an Option Wizard

8. Our publication, Option Wizard Trading Method, tells you how to generate profits, month after month by considering:

  • Fundamentals
  • Technicals
  • Options analysis

Example: Microsoft

Fundamentals: world’s most powerful company
Technicals: oversold, turning up
Call price in line, implied 39%, historical 33%

125 Jan Call: purchased 2.75, sold at 10.

Credit: Option Wizard Trading Method. Includes 30 case histories, trading rules.

Option Wizard Trading Method can be acquired separately from Option Wizard software.

(The elements you have just reviewed with us, e.g. volatility, delta, probability, decay, are like the scales and arpeggios of the options world -- key elements. The Option Wizard Trading Method is the concerto where it all comes together. (Please see comments by leading pros and the complete table of contents via the directory on the left.)


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